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To make the renovation or remodelling process as easy for our clients as possible, no matter how large your project is, we offer a clear six step design process that, like our design aesthetic, is as clean flowing and functional as possible. From our consultation, collaboration to completion, the Amanda Shields Interiors team communicates with you while handling the many moving parts that go into creating your beautiful new family home.

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This initial meeting will take place in your home to discuss your needs and desires, wish list, and budget in order to establish a vision for your residence. These two hours are an opportunity for us to get to know each other and decide how we will transform your rooms into a cohesively beautiful and functional home.

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Having hammered down a preliminary design plan, including scope of work and budget, it’s time to create a legally-binding Letter of Agreement, customized for your project. Once this document is signed by both parties and a retainer is received, we can launch your project’s Planning Phase!

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The Planning Phase starts at JBD headquarters where our team will pull together all the beautiful design details we have spinning around in our heads.  Since construction is likely involved, we’ll meet with trades and contractors to confirm your wish list possibilities. Finally, we will source furnishings, finishes, and fixtures, as well as work on the design plans which you get to see during the next stage.

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With the design plan completed, ASI presents the reimagined rooms and overarching space, illustrated with drawings, fabric swatches, and finish samples. Depending on the scale of the project, phased presentations might be necessary. If revisions or tweaks are requested, we’ll finely tune them by sourcing alternatives  so you have the perfect design plan you’ll love.

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Ordering time begins! Once you’ve approved your design, we contact our suppliers and keep track of timelines and smooth deliveries. Working in alignment with our contractor, we oversee the successful execution of the Design Plans. This is a no-stress zone for you, as we project manage the design and build process by handling everything.

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Uncork the bubbly because construction is completed! With everything installed and inspected, we bring carefully-chosen artwork, accessories and finishing touches. Please give us a day to photograph your stunning new home for our design portfolio.


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